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  What is LIFT?


LIFT®, or Lombok Institute of Flight Technology®, is located in Selaparang International Airport on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. LIFT, which commenced operations in November of 2010, is a fresh and exciting professional flight training academy. It is our mission to provide the highest quality professional flight training programs for both domestic and international students through the utilization of modern aircraft, avionics and flight simulation facilities.


Our training facilities in Lombok are built to a high international standard, equipped with multiple classrooms, briefing rooms, projector and lecture halls, self-study rooms, dining rooms and dispatch offices. We do not "cut corners" when it comes to the comfort and optimal learning/work ing environment of our students and instructors.


Training facilities in Mataram
LIFT Facilities offices
LIFT facilities classrooms
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LIFT also operates a large 3-storey office building in Tangerang - Jakarta district. This office is primarily used for LIFT student/instructor enrollment procedures, student selection days, flight support services and other cental administrative tasks.


Satellite office in Jakarta
LIFT Jakarta office
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  Who is LIFT?


In order to maintain a high level of flight training standards, akin to those upheld by the FAA , CASA (NAA) and the EASA, we aim to employ only high calibre international aviation professionals with solid experience in taking flight students from zero hours to ATPL licensing level. Most of our flight instructors are multilingual pilots with multiple-authority licenses (such as DGCA, FAA and EASA). Most also posess an ATPL, a university degree and all flight instructor ratings (CFI/CFII/MEI). A clean safety record is a must for all our FIs and we strive to maintain one of the highest standards of flight training safety in Indonesia through the employment of competent flight and ground personnel.

  Why are we different from anyone else?


Lombok Institute of Flight Technology, in collaboration with leading aeronautical universities in the USA, is developing online and residency academic programs which will enable LIFT students to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics. When these programs commence, they will be the only ones of their kind in Indonesia. In addition, LIFT is the ONLY flight academy in Indonesia to offer flight training in brand-new Liberty XL2 aircraft, certified for VFR and IFR training missions.


  Why learn to fly with LIFT?


Please download our introductory brochure and review the top reasons why you should do your flight training with LIFT.


Every flight school represents a significant investment and dedication from students and faculty alike. We are proud to be the pioneers of MODERN flight training in Indonesia.


We strive to achieve the best results through excellence in aeronautical education and we do not compromise when it comes to the safety or quality of YOUR flight training.


why lift ?

We are the first flight training facility in Indonesia to use new, technologically-advanced aircraft

why lift?

We are the first flight training facility in Indonesia to use advanced integrated avionics

why lift?

We employ a team of experienced flight instructors to work with you on your training.

why lift?

A full-motion RedBird FMX AFTD with customized cockpit is used for Simulator-based training, a RedBird X-Wind Simulator is used for exclusive training in cross-wind operations, and a smaller RedBird TD2 Simulator is used in the Jakarta office for initial procedure training.

why lift?

We offer a fast-track flight training program that will take you from zero to CPL graduation in 15 to 18 months

why lift?

Most students will enjoy direct entry to First Officer positions upon completion, and almost all past graduates from LIFT are now employed by local or regional airlines.

why lift?

Live and learn to fly in a comfortable location on one of Indonesia's most beautiful islands - Lombok.

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